The Resort Village of Tobin Lake is an urban municipality located on the south side of Tobin Lake, at the end of highway 255. Tobin Lake is a man-made lake, created by the formation of the EB Campbell dam on the Saskatchewan River in 1963. What started as a small resort community has grown into a desirable location for year-round lake living. As of the 2011 census, the Resort Village of Tobin Lake has a population of 90 year-round residents, with this number increasing exponentially in the summer. In total there are with 185 residential dwellings, 47 occupied by permanent residents, and 45 vacant lots throughout the Village.

Two seasonal campgrounds, one within the Village boundaries and one just a kilometer from the Village share over 300 seasonal sites.

There are two fully-serviced stores equipped with groceries, bait, tackle, fuel and souvenirs open during the peak season May October, as well as a year-round hotel with full restaurant, bar and off-sale.

Tobin Lake boasts some of the best walleye and pike fishing in Saskatchewan, with the world ice fishing record for walleye being caught by Father Mariuz Zajac in 2005. The Village offers a boat launch and fileting shack, and the local retailers provide everything necessary for those looking to drop a line in the water, from bait to boat rentals and guiding services.

The fishing season is May 15 – March 31 and requires a valid fishing license. See attached map for more fishing information.

Aside from fishing, Tobin Lake offers many other recreational activities, making it a desirable attraction for tourists and locals alike. The Village has a groomed beach area for swimming, with a picnic area equipped with tables and fire pits nearby. The local Hall is available for rent for private or public functions. The area is popular for quading and snowmobiling, and the Village is looking at creating walking trails which will expose the unique beauty the Village has to offer.

The Village has a number of retailers providing services seasonally and year-round. Please visit our Directory for a complete listing.

Facility Passes
In order to maintain the integrity of our facilities, facility passes are MANDATORY and each user is required to purchase and display a valid facilities pass. These are available at the Village office, at participating retailers, or on-site at the boat launch through a Village employee.

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