Water is supplied by the Village in accordance with Bylaw No 2/2003. Water users are considered annual if hooked up to the Village system year-round, or seasonal if hooked-up from May 15 October 15. Water rates are as follows:

To request water reconnection or disconnection, contact the Village office. PLEASE NOTE: As with any utility service provided, the Village requires 24hour notice for all water service requests. Those requests which do not provide ample notice WILL NOT BE FULFILLED.

The water treatment plant upgrade to include the operation of a reverse osmosis system was concluded in 2015. An additional well to meet water service demands followed in 2016. Although water supply has been increased, users are asked to mindful of water usage, especially during peak seasons. Alternative methods for watering lawns are encouraged, as this decreases the burden on the treatment system.

2019 annual water quality notification


Garbage collection is each Monday, except for long weekends, in which case collection will be on the following Tuesday. Please have garbage out by 8:00a.m., secured in a large bag and placed in a can with a lid. All smaller bags and loose garbage must be placed in one large bag in a bin to prevent garbage strewn about. Any mess created by improper placement of garbage will be the responsibility of the homeowner, and will not be handled by Village personnel.

Due to the landfill reaching maximum capacity, the garbage site will remain locked at all times. We have entered into an agreement with the Town of Nipawin to access their landfill. For all materials other than household garbage not handled by maintenance personnel on regular pick-up days, it is your responsibility to take to Nipawin for proper disposal. At this time, this also applies to trees and brush. Please visit the Town of Nipawin website at for details and fees.


Recycling collection is every Thursday. Please place recyclables in a clear plastic bag and have at the curbside by 8:00am. Cardboard must be broken down and either tied together or placed in one box. Cardboard, plastic, paper, tin and aluminum is recyclable, but glass must be taken to SARCAN. For a complete list of recyclable material, please checkhere.

Custom Work

The village offers custom skid steer work at a rate of $100 per hour, $50 for half hour. For inquiries and to book custom work service, please contact the office. Due to the heavy workload in the summer, ample notice is required for any custom work, and will come secondary to any Village work required.

Hall Rentals

The community hall is available for rent for private functions. The hall is equipped with a full kitchen; fridge, stove, cooler, coffee maker and all necessary pots, pans and dishes, and also has two washrooms. Renters are required to provide their own linens, etc. Please see Hall Rental Policy and Agreement for a full list of requirements.

Inside the hall capacity is 90-100 people (standing room) with seating for approximately 50 if tables are used. Folding tables and chairs are provided. The hall offers a fenced outdoor area with a capacity of 100-125 people. Picnic tables are also provided.

Rental rates: Full day: $200, additional $50 charge if using outdoor fenced in area. A $200 deposit is required at time of rental.

Special occasion permits are required for any functions requiring a liquor permit, and are provided by resolution of Council. Please contact Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming for further details on acquiring a liquor permit.

Hall Rental Policy and Agreement
Hall General Information